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“As the median age of our citizens drops, we're finding people want to go online rather than go to Town Hall. Government Outreach is helping us serve them better.”
Mike Ciccarone
Information Technology Coordinator
Town of Fountain Hills, Arizona
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Government Outreach recognizes that one solution doesn’t fit every agency. Each community is unique, and our local government experts take the time to understand your special requirements to craft an ideal solution.

Consulting services include:

Government Outreach works closely with your staff to develop a project plan that includes key milestones, special agency needs, available resources, and target deadlines. We then implement the plan and carefully monitor the schedule and scope to ensure the project is on-time and on-budget while making the process easy and trouble-free for your staff.

Following the consulting process, Government Outreach staff performs most setup and configuration tasks, which is vastly easier for your agency than the “do it yourself” method offered by many other firms.