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Mike Ciccarone
Information Technology Coordinator
Town of Fountain Hills, Arizona

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Integration

Your agency’s IT staff is continually challenged to maintain user accounts and permissions across numerous technology systems. Besides setting up accounts for new hires and disabling accounts when people leave, IT staff must also manage password changes and access levels. Government Outreach recognizes the burden this places on your agency, and has a better way for you to use your limited IT resources.

Our LDAP interface defines all staff information and permission levels and maintains them in a single location. A single interface creates and maintains network and email accounts, along with user accounts for GORequest. The advantages are numerous, including:

  • Eliminates duplicate user information entry
  • When IT sets up employee network access, their GORequest access is automatically added as well
  • When an employee leaves, their GORequest access rights are immediately removed
  • When employee information changes (phone number, name change, etc.), it is automatically updated in GORequest
  • When employees change departments or jobs, their permissions are automatically updated in GORequest
  • Employee GORequest password is the same as their network password
  • IT staff can control employee access to GORequest from the LDAP directory, similar to other agency systems

LDAP integration simplifies the work of IT staff and reduces your agency’s costs.