Customer Service

“Without reservation, we recommend Government Outreach to any government agency - it's a highly efficient tool.”
Leander Hauri
Airport Manager
City of Livermore, California


GORequest helps your agency’s managers and supervisors improve staff performance in addition to dramatically improving your customer service, GORequest includes a library of almost two dozen graphical and interactive reports that analyze:

  • FAQ usage
  • Consistency in meeting service goals
  • Geographical locations of requests
  • Status of open requests
  • How requests are submitted (web, phone, in-person, etc.)
  • Internal versus external requests
  • Customer satisfaction

Requests can be analyzed by type, category, department, region, and more. Reports are interactive, allowing managers to start with high-level information and drill down into the details, including viewing specific requests.

Reports like this show the percentage of requests that each department completes "on time".

Clicking on any department shows a breakdown of services for that department and the status of service standards for each topic.

Each department receives detailed information about their request.

Clicking on any topic shows the distribution of service requests. The example below shows that nine requests required more than fourteen days to complete while five of those were past due. Clicking on any bar shows the list of specific requests.

Managers can see how many requests are being completed "on time".

Reports show the status of specific request that have not been completed.

Clicking on any request takes a manager directly to the details, including the ability to view a complete audit trail for the record. This drill-down approach lets key staff analyze performance and take action to improve performance if necessary.

Advanced Analytical Tools

GORequest includes several advanced reporting capabilities that help staff manage performance, including:

  • Writing custom reports
  • Exporting data to Excel
  • Scheduling reports for automatic email delivery

GORequest’s report writer tool helps agencies create reports that incorporate system data filtered in any way that staff prefers, without programming or complicated third-party tools.

All reports can be printed, and most can be emailed to staff members, council members, or the management team. Managers can even tell the system to email an update just prior to senior staff meetings so that everyone has up-to-the-minute information about service requests. Report data can also be exported to Excel to use advanced analytical features such as pivot tables.