Customer Service

“Our Kingsburg Connection system from Government Outreach helps us stay ahead of citizen requests and is very easy to use.”
Mary Colby
Planning/Administrative Secretary
City of Kingsburg, California

Request Management

GORequest helps your agency dramatically improve its customer service by centrally managing all requests and inquiries, including those submitted by:

  • Web
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • FAX
  • In-person

Increasingly, residents prefer to submit their requests via the web because of its round-the-clock convenience. To make online submission easy for citizens and to ensure you capture the information you require, GORequest includes:

  • Custom forms to match your website and provide your managers with vital information
  • Knowledge Base content to answer questions and provide forms for downloading
  • Optional anonymous submissions
  • Photo/document attachment with submissions
  • Automatic user registration
  • Ability to check service status online

The form below shows just how easily residents can make requests…

This request form incorporates Knowledge Base information that can help head-off requests.

Residents can check status online

Once a request is submitted, residents can receive status updates via email and can also log in to check status. Resident accounts are created automatically during the request submission process, and there are no separate registration steps to discourage citizens from using the system.

Users can check the status of their requests.

Staff tools ensure outstanding service

GORequest helps employees get more done in less time. The system’s automation and organization features make it easy to respond to residents, including:

  • Workflow and rule-based resolutions route each request to the correct staff person and ensure that proper steps are taken to process the request. The system also supports priority escalation and rerouting at predetermined intervals.
  • Notifications remind staff via email so they don’t miss important follow-up dates.
  • Delegation capability reroutes requests when a staff member is on vacation or out of the office.
  • Employee collaboration helps staff coordinate across departments on complex requests.
  • Email threading automatically logs all email correspondence, including resident or staff replies.
  • Standard response templates let staff respond to common requests or questions with consistent messages.
  • Spell check on employee screens ensure professional correspondence.
  • Address validation ensures the correct address is recorded.
  • Request locator makes finding requests easy; staff can search for requests by resident, location, service topic, or any other field.