Customer Service

“Without reservation, we recommend Government Outreach to any government agency - it's a highly efficient tool.”
Leander Hauri
Airport Manager
City of Livermore, California

Survey Modules

As local agencies make strides in dramatically improving their customer service, they often wish to know how well they’re doing in the eyes of their residents. GORequest offers a built-in survey tool to receive immediate feedback from residents about the service they’ve received.

When staff completes a information or service request, the resident automatically receives an email with information about how their request was resolved; within the email is a link that takes them directly to the details of their request. Also included is a link on both the detail page and within the email that lets the resident go directly to a customized survey.

Survey results are recorded in a database for analysis using GORequest’s reporting capabilities; survey results can be sent to the responsible staff member and/or supervisor.

Residents can provide immediate feedback about their customer service experience.