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“Our Kingsburg Connection system from Government Outreach helps us stay ahead of citizen requests and is very easy to use.”
Mary Colby
Planning/Administrative Secretary
City of Kingsburg, California


Rock-solid reliability is essential for local governments, and Government Outreach prides itself on 100% uptime since the launching of the company’s first customer site several years ago.

We maintain synchronized servers at several different facilities in varying geographic regions. Should one server fail or have network connectivity issues, a backup will seamlessly take over. To protect your data against accidental loss, database backups are performed throughout the day to a separate server.

In addition to these safeguards, Government Outreach software uses a series of automated tools to continuously monitor network and server performance. If there is ever a problem, two Government Outreach engineers will instantly be paged. Data is protected at the firewall, operating system, database, and application levels.

All servers operate from secure facilities that include:

  • Keycard and biometric scan required for physical access
  • Backup power generators
  • Redundant fiber optic connectivity
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Staffing 24/7 by certified systems administrators and network engineers

Our strong focus on system reliability and the safety of your information sets Government Outreach apart from other firms.